The Governnor Hindmarsh Hotel

Adelaide, South Australia - April 14, 1998

Bruce was just fantastic and the audience was quite loud and VERY appreciative of Bruce too. Many people knew different songs from the very first guitar note, (except me, who knew many from the intro before the guitar even started twanging.......)

The Governor is an extremely nice pub, and is quite supportive of the anti-uranium movement. Many benefits have held there to raise money and awareness to stop the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine in World Heritage Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory (only in Australia would we mine such a place - further info, click here).

All in all, about 250 people and the place was packed and overflowing.

The local support act was named Mel Watson, a solo guitarist with a very funk/punk/jazz style. Mel plays in her own band named the "Mel Watson Band"! Former member of Fruit also.

I went with my Adelaidean host Dr Dennis Matthews, a colleague from the anti-uranium movement. Dennis thoroughly enjoyed it, needless to say.

More coming soon!

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