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I would like to be able to compile a comprehensive list of all Australian releases by/related to Bruce. I have a few things, but I know there's plenty more! If you have any to add, please let me know.

YearAlbum/Title and Comments (Local Release Date)# No. Label
451960s3's A Crowd - Bird Without Wings
Bruce wrote the song Bird Without Wings
LP1976In The Falling Dark (?? 77)L 36327Interfusion
LP1977Circles In The Stream - Inverted artwork to original Canadian release, like the US release. (?? 77)L 70091/2Interfusion
LP1979Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws (19 May 80)BXL1-7747RCA
451980Wondering Where The Lions Are/After The Rain (May 80)103543 RCA
LP1980Humans (March 81)BXL1-7752RCA
451981Rumours of Glory/You Get Bigger As You Go (March 81)103723RCA
LP1981Resume - equivalent greatest hits release to Mummy Dust, although different songs and artwork. Has fuzzy sheet music for Water Into Wine for those interested, similar to that for Sunwheel Dance and Foxglove (Aug 81)BXL1-7757RCA
LP1982Inner City Front (Jan 82)???Big Time
451982Waiting For The Moon/Planet Of The Clowns (12 Sep 83)BTS-1069Big Time
451982Candy Man's Gone/?? (25 April 83)BTS-????Big Time
LP1983The Trouble With Normal (16 May 83)BT-7009Big Time
LP1984Stealing Fire (6 Aug 84)BT 7026WEA Records
451984Lovers In A Dangerous Time/Nicaragua (16 July 84)BTS-1228Big Time
451984Making Contact/Dust And Diesel (29 Oct 84)BTS-1354Big Time
451985If I Had A Rocket Launcher/Sahara Gold (4 March 85)BTS-1423Big Time
LP1985World Of Wonders (June 86)BT 7060Big Time
451985People See Through You/Santiago Dawn (2 June 86)BTS-1752Big Time
LP1987Waiting For A Miracle (Singles 1970 - '87) (June 88)BT 7088Big Time
LP1988Big Circumstance (June 89)LIB 5197Liberation
451989If A Tree Falls/Understanding Nothing (P/S) - Different picture sleeve to the True North release (the World of Wonders photo) (29 May 89)LS 2072Liberation
451989Don't Feel Your Touch/Where The Death Squad Lives (Aug 89)102083Liberation
LP1990If A Tree Falls - A Collection Of His Greatest Songs (9 July 90)L 30327Liberation
CD1990If A Tree Falls - A Collection Of His Greatest Songs (9 July 90)D 30327Liberation
CD1992Nothing But A Burning LightD 30751Liberation
CDS1992A Dream Like Mine/When It'S Gone, It's Gone (Oct 91)D 11169Liberation
CDS1994Listen For The Laugh/(Edit)/Burden Of The Angel\Beast/Southland Of The Heart/Tie Me At The Crossroads (??)660260 2Columbia
CD1997The Charity of Night (Feb. 17, 1997)D 31713Festival
CDS1997The Whole Night Sky. Australian Promo cd single.
Also contains The Coming Rains and Mistress of THE Storms. That's right - a typo, Mistress of THE Storms.
CD1998The Charity of Night/You Pay Your Money..... Special Australian Tour Edition Double-CD Pack (March 9, 1998)D 31713 &

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