The Woolstores Campus, Deakin University

Adelaide, South Australia - April 17, 1998

A very civilised affair! A once-a-month concert series in the local Deakin University Arts Centre, known as the Woolstores Campus.

The support act was Tiffany Eckhardt, local country/acoustic singer/songwriter. She was classic indeed - most songs were about love and romance, some a bit cheeky, let's say! She had the most beautiful voice and arrangements.

I setup a small table for Friends of the Earth (Melbourne)(FoE) and the venue organisers were very happy for us to sell t-shirts, stickers, information and the like. Seeing as Bruce is (was ?) "honourary chairperson" of FoE-Canada, it was an important link between Bruce's music and lyrics and local issues and activism (especially with our current conservative federal government).

My sister (Heidi) and her partner (Simon, now fiance!) came along with me, and they both really enjoyed it. Heidi, absolutely loves Dialogue With The Devil in true Grahamesque style.

Bruce played a similar set to Adelaide, with a few songs different. He also played a new song called "Last Night of the World" - a song about the Apocalypse. Very suave song.

We waited patiently around after the show, asking Leslie if it was alright to wait and chat to Bruce - Sure.

There was only one other lady waiting around (Nathalie, If I remember correctly), a die-hard fan who was over the moon to be able to see Bruce live and meet him in person. Just like me before I started subscribing to the 'Woodpile, and found Humans and the internet.....

We got talking, and she was amazed to find someone who knew an immense amount about Bruce's music and history. I really enjoyed talking about it too.......and then Bruce walked out from the corridor.

Hi Gavin.

Firm handshake. It was nice to see Bruce remembers his fans. I asked if Bruce could play Strange Waters in Melbourne tomorrow night, and he replied that he hasn't really worked out how to play that one solo yet, so I made a special request for Rocket Launcher. And Bruce very humbly said "Yeah, I could play that for you".

Heidi asked him to play Dialogue With The Devil, and while Bruce was smiling I answered that he hasn't played it for over 20 years. Heidi just said she would REALLY like to hear it live. Oh well......

Nathalie asked Bruce to sign about half-a-dozen lp's, and said she's been a fan for many, many years. Bruce simply replied "You would have to be to still have the lp's!!"

Anyway, we thanked Bruce for his time and each went our merry ways, and I still had three Bruce shows to go! Melbourne and two in Sydney!!!

Bruce just finishing Call It Democracy - Bruce arrived in the midst of one of the biggest union fights in this country for more than a decade. The government was in collusion with the stevedoring companies to sack the wharfies, even with the use of security and attack dogs.....

Another of the big political struggles occurring in Australia then, and continues today, was the fight for recognition of Land Rights and Native Title for Australia's indigenous custodians. Stolen Land indeed.

Bruce's classic and wonderous guitar setup - the amp, Dobro and the Manzer <grin>.

Bruce's classic and wonderous guitar setup - the amp, Dobro and the Manzer <grin>.

Bruce signed my ticket! What a nicer guy <BIG SMIRK>......

Bruce signed Heidi's ticket! What an even nice guy <BIGGER SMIRK>......

Set list coming soon !

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