The Whole Night Sky Promo CD

Released as a promotional cd single for "The Charity of Night". Released by Festival/Rykodisc. PRD97/02.

The promo info :

Australian audiences fell in love with Bruce Cockburn's poetic and innovative songwriting when his track "If A Tree Falls" first became a hit. "The Charity of Night" is Cockburn's twenty-third album (and first on Rykodisc/Festival) which charms with it's imagery of night and darkness, shadow and storm. With perceptive lyrics and inventive arrangements, this cd pro offers a taste of "The Charity of Night" with three stunning tracks. The first track, "The Whole Night Sky", is a pensive song featuring Bonnie Rait on slide guitar, and is followed by the beautiful "Coming Rains" and the haunting instrumental "Mistress of THE Storms". The supporting cast on the album includes Gary Burton, Gary Craig, and Rob Wasserman, plus special guests Ani DiFranco, Bob Weir and others.

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