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Premier Sites
gavin's woodpile
The Bruce Cockburn newsletter - the best regular source of Bruce info. Please support Daniel Keebler & and the 'woodpile project!
Marie's Collection o' Bruce
Includes new album info and plenty of photos from recent concerts.
Frank Brusca's I Have Plenty of Time Pages
The most extensive collection of info on the web. Includes a True North discography, timeline, and many other funky links!
Douwe van der Zwaag's European Pages
Excellent discography and local European info - including articles translated from Dutch and German!
Bruce's new record label (outside of Canada). Check out their General Message Board, and especially their new Feature Bruce Site !!! Worthy Indeed.
Humans Archives
Archives of the Internet mailing list Humans, devoted to discussing things Bruce and somehow related......
Other Cool Sites Across the Universe
The OLD Sony Page Gary Burton at Berklee College of Music
Steve Graham's Page T.R. Gregg's Page
Guitar Tabulature Manzer Guitars
The Original Fish.Com Page Sean Sharp's Page
Bruce Tapes Available on the Internet
Just follow the links along libraries or info pages (more soon hopefully!).
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